Miller's Store in Blackwell is uniquely located. It is at the end of the Pennsylvania Grand Canyon and mid way along the Pine Creek Rail Trail. The Mid State Trail runs north and south  directly in front of the store.The store is open year round on a hot day in the summer one can buy water, soda, juice, and ice cream, while in the winter months the hot coffee, soup and sandwiches are more popular.

   Hikers on the Mid State Trail can stop in and stock up on things they might need or want they can also rent The Apartment under the store and stay a night or two in a real bed and get a shower before continuing on their trip. People coming to the area to enjoy the Pine Creek Valley can rent bicycles and floating tubes. The store stocks many products made in Pennsylvania and tries to cater to the needs of both locals and visitors. We have glass bottled sodas, meat and cheeses, chocolates, honey, jelly and soap all made in Pennsylvania. We also have a wide variety of local art work. The walls of our store are filled with paintings and photographs. You can watch Ruth Anne Miller working at her loom and buy one of her hand woven scarves. New and used books on any and all subjects are tucked into every nook and cranny. If we have a shelf in our store we will always try to fill it with something interesting just for you.